Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Holidays and Luca's Take on Food

I gotta make this one short. Short but sweet. I keep meaning to post, but I swear, these days if I get 5 minutes of free time I'm a lucky Mamma.
First off, Happy holidays from us to you!!
We had a great Christmas Eve at Marcos Mom's house and Christmas morning at our house, than we went over to Marco's Dads for the day. Luca loves paper, So he was in seventh heaven with all the wrapping paper. Problem was he wanted to eat it all, so he would get very pissed as soon as we took it away. He could have cared less for the actual present. No satisfaction what so ever. Duh, what do you expect from a 7 month old:)
We have also been very busy with parties and getting ready for the States in 5 days!!! ANYWAAAY I'll write as soon as I get to that part of the world, and tell you ALL about our travels (I don't really want to think about traveling with him, on our lap, oh dear lord he is not an infant anymore that we can shove in a bassinet and he'll sleep 8 hours, ohhhhh if only!
Moving oooooon. Luca and weaning. So I was all about the whole baby led weaning, but Luca at first was not at all. He would take whatever I put in front of him and squeeze the hell out of it, even if he managed by accident to get something in his mouth, he didnt understand that it was him putting it in his mouth. So I though, he'll get it soon, maybe he's just not ready. Hmmm, no. No because If i put something in his mouth he would get totally into it and want more, he literally couldn't do it himself. So I got all into making foods for him. All kinds, and then freezing them. Perfect solution. Wellllllll, with his million teeth that came in, he would't eat. He even hardly nursed, the poor poor was in pain (as was I, for my boobs where waay too full, but someone, we got through it without pumping…) Luca would go through phases of loving food, not wanting anything to do with it, and pooing. He also had a hard transition from not so solid poos to solid ones. Sorry, but the poor poor would turn red in the face from trying to push so hard, I was afraid he'd give himself a hernia. He hasn't so far. Thank gawd! okay so fast forward to one day while we were at a party of a daughter of our friends, I hadn't given him lunch yet, and he was very interested in the buffet in front of him, and curious with all the hand going from food to mouth, so I have him a piece of bread with cheese. He took it and gobbled it up, with those tiny but many teeth. I than gave him pieces of popcorn. The same thing. Than a cracker. And so on… He never once gaged and would get upset when I wasn't fast enough with giving him pieces. I have always been so afraid of him chocking, but he has really got the whole chewing thing down, and ebjoys pieces of food. Now I think we can try the baby led way. Ill give you an update once settled in the States:) Till than cheers:)

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