Sunday, December 15, 2013


What have we been up to?? UP and down and side to side. LB has been all over the place with his mouthful of teeth. We have been UP most of the time, as in night and day. The poor bean has three teeth coming in, and I think I saw another on on top, but I might be imagining it… or not. So the two front ones have come out, he has one vampire tooth as well, and three on the bottom. Yes a mouthful. Its not normal.

our ham

watching Papa' playing tennis
But finally his snotty nose and screaming at night as slowly come to an end (hold on while I knock on wood) but now he wants snuggles more than ever, its hard to leave him alone for more than 5 seconds or he freaks out, like some monster just jumped out and smacked him… 5 seconds later I have him in the ergo, and hes haming away.
Other than his monster mouth and dramatic attitude, we also had  a "Welcome to the World Party" for the bean last sunday with family and friends at a cute restaurant not far from us. Luca most of the time as a pooper because of his damn teeth, but he still charmed the hell out of everyone…
welcome Luca

always something in his mouth


party favors I made out of a clothes pin, wooden bead, and two different sized popsicle sticks= airplane. DUH. gotta love pinterest

The 5 minutes I have for myself I try to be productive. So I make curtains. Why not. In our room, we had these curtains that my dear mother in law made, but they just reminded e too much of well, a 50 some year old Italian womans house. For the last 5 years I have been wanting to change them. So finally I got my bum down to the fabric shop, and Ikea and put/sewed together this...
before… welcome to Italy hon
better, just terrible lighting
Next on the to do list is a crib bumper, and knitting projects. Ill ;et you know when I get started on that, in 2015. Okay hopefully before the end of this year… gotta go, because tomorrow morning we have playgroup, and I don't want to look like death, cause who knows how many times I will wake up tonight… Ohhh but I do love that Bean!

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