La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bits and Pieces

So here is what's going on. I am feeling SO much better (I cannot stress that enough) and my nausea is I would say 80% better. I still have those awkward moments when I make a mental note to self where the closest toilet is, if I am not at home, just in case, cause it still happens that the toilet and I are face to face. I still have an appetite of a bird, a very small bird, but I can actually eat now, so no complaining on my part.  I weigh less then when I just found out I was pregnant 4 months ago, I'm convinced the holiday foods will change everything:) I just have become VERY picky, I have never been a picky eater, actually I have always been the porky eater.  Cooking had been a HUGE challenge for me, because as soon as I was finished cooking the smell would just make me run to the bathroom, and I would watch Marco eat while I nibbled on bread, if that… Now my stomach has gotten smaller, and about half the things I normally would eat like a pig, I gag just thinking about them. Actually come to think of it, I gag a lot, I mean even the smell of toothpaste…or my shampoo, I wont even get into that… I have become so ridiculous.  I don't know how Marco puts up with me:) ANYWAY I have been cooking more now, and I am obsessed with finding new recipes and conquering them, half the time I eat them, half the time I don't but I still have to cook for the hubby right? 
 You can see the bump!! I am almost 4 months, AND we get to find out the sex in about a week!! Who knows, I just hope its a boy or a girl:)
Oh look how cute this picture is, I was walking with a friend in Venice and came across this house, I of course had to take a picture of it, because I am planning on doing the same:) I am so excited about cloth diapering (Marco much less) actually that was really the main reason why I had to take the picture, because I had to show him that there are people in Italy who actually cloth diaper. It is almost unheard of though, But I am going to change that!
 I have been feeling so awesome lately that I even had to energy to take on a project:) here is the new entranceway we put in. There used to be just a white cushion on the bench, but I of course had to sew a case that matched the curtain in the hallway, the picture is crap quality, but I was happy with the end result. Our next project is the NURSERY, oh I am behind excited about that project:)

Monday, November 19, 2012


So the secrets out. We are expecting baby Ceccarello by mid May. I am on my 15th week!
This pregnancy has been a roller coaster. Oh I wish I could say a fun one (actually I never really liked those rides) but it has been crazy. I don't know if that is the perfect word, but sure, it will do.
On my birthday on the Garda lake. Our first outing in a long time.  For obvious reasons. My nausea attacks. At least I had a gorgeous view:)
I found out to be pregnant the beginning of September, but I knew I wanted to keep it on the down low and not go right away to the doctors, I wanted to take it slow. The reason for that is because of my last pregnancy that ended at 4 weeks. I took it well, but it seemed like I was ALWAYS at the doctors getting needles, and such pocked in me, and the continuous ultrasounds that I hated. Anyway, Marco and I decided to take things slower, and just have faith that everything would go well. We got the confirmation of a heartbeat at 8 weeks, and we were elated. I can't even explain the feeling of gratitude. Of course my doctor wanted to do exams to make sure everything was okay with me and the baby, you know the list of blood work you have to do. Everything was going smoothly. Smoothly with morning sickness. Morning sickness 24/7.  I have NO idea why they call it morning sickness. I mean I had it bad. All I could do was lie on the couch or bed. Period. Oh wait, I lied, I got really good at running to the toilet in time to throw up whatever I had in my stomach, and most of the time I had nothing. So this lasted, well is still lasting, but the bad part was all of October. I still have some pretty bad moments, but MUCH better than how I was before.
Since, I'm on the topic of changes, I might add that my boobs are sore as hell, I gag about 50 times per day, (sometimes from the smell of my shampoo, the toothpaste in my mouth, to the smell of pasta on the stove) I have become the pickiest eater alive (okay maybe I"m exaggerating) but I cant wait to be able to eat like I had before! Reading back on this blog it sounds like I am going through hell, but I reassure you, that I am happy, scratch that, we are happy. There is always the scare when the doctor might say, something like "genetic disease" or "oversized bladder". But our baby is perfect. (knock on wood, I feel terrible writing that but I am a mother to be and I just hope all goes well)We even have pictures of its face! The sex we wont be able to find out until right before we leave for the states. I am so excited!! (about the states and finding out the sex, even though we know it's a girl… watch it be a boy)
It is definitely hard being away from my family and friends while going through this roller coaster ride, but I am so fortunate to have Marco and his family and our group of friends here…
I have been struggling to find a midwife and the approach on pregnancy the medical world has me under, buuuut that will be for another post. I am off to make dinner of potato curry over basmati, hopefully I'll have at least one bite: OH and a baby bump picture is to come as well:) Buona serata or afternoon depending on where you are!