Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hello Amurica, well its a long awaited hello, for we have been here for about three weeks now. Oops, but hey, that means we're having fun, actually no it doesn't, but we are, and busy.
I mainly wanted to post about Luca's milestones, cause he sure is whipping them out left and right, totally cool about it like it's no big deal, while Mamma flips out and tries to catch it on video, and of course he stops whatever he had been doing. He probably thinks I am a total nut. Which he's 100% right.
Anyway we are in Baltimore at my parents, aka, Nana's and Grandpa's. Luca has been an awesome traveller (knock on wood) even on our trip back and forth from MD to SC for my cousins wedding. The airplane trip to Dulles was great too, thanks to hot air stewardess' who Luca flirted with the whole time (I kid you not, that boy hardly slept all he wanted to do was flirt and chew on headphones… such a goon) yes, Air Brussels is an amazing airline.
SO milestones…
He does the motion for ciao ciao, and than really quickly gets bored.
He plays peekaboo or cucu with a cloth or shoe or spoon or booger… you get the point.
we are working on clapping and kisses, so far he looks at you as if you were an idiot when you clap, and bits you when trying to get him to kiss you.
We have time.
So far 2014 is kinda sweet, Ill write about my resolutions next post:) HA! No, I will.
We leave next Tuesday, when I get back to Italy I will write every week.
I swear.
LB "crawling" aka scooting backward

Mesmerized by the snow. Yipee! 

@ Shawn and Kayla's wedding!

Picture taken by Luca's godmother Corrie!

@Meredith and Brandons

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