Friday, December 6, 2013

Bring It On Winter

We are welcoming the winter with wide open arms. Being able to cozy up in the house and find distractions for Luca (aka things to put in his mouth) while I rediscover sewing, (Luca loves watching the sewing machine while he shoves some toy in his mouth), start knitting projects, baking, and finding new recipes to tackle, and of course bundling up and taking walks to the market, or doing arrends. We are lucky that we live walking distances to pretty much everything we want. We have also been taking early evening walks with Marco when he gets home from work. For me the more outdoor time Luca gets the better, even if its 3 degrees celsius. LB has a cold, and has his 4th tooth coming in (I swear he's half dinosaur), so of course the advice of close family here (I wont name names) is too keep him in and out of the cold. For me, I would go crazy all day inside so I i just assume so would any other human bring, even if its only 6 months old. So what do I do, bundle him up and we run outside, LB usually falls asleep after 10 minutes too ( SO much of a change since he was born, now he LOVES the stroller, don't get me wrong we use the Ergo sometimes as well, but to tell you the truth, he likes the stroller better now, hmmmm)

evening walk to the old military fort down the road from our house (which is now a park)
SO we just got back from a perfect weekend in the german part of Italy with friends. We got to breath the nice mountain air, buy, some crap from the christmas Markets (can I just tell you how much I am obsessed with christmas markets) swim in thermal baths, (which Luca LOVED so much that afterwards he literally passed while I was dressing him) yummy (and disgustingly buttery wonderful) Austrian food, and of course good friends…
Whats in store for this weekend? Saturday christmas decorating and tree lighting, with of course awful christmas music, you HAVE to have the christmas music (Marco has already warned me he is pretty close to deleting all the christmas tunes (jeez what a grinch right! I mean who doesnt like extremely loud christmas music. all. day.) We also have Lucas Welcome to the World party on sunday. Ill tell you all about it next week.
I also will write about my job, my part time, part time english teaching job. Yea thats for another post. So on that note, buon weekend a tutti!
My little ham and his second cousins

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