Monday, June 11, 2018

A 5 Year Old, and 6 Month Old

So here we are, counting our blessings and inching ourselves daily. So grateful for our sweet and  sensitive 5 year old boy, and chubby cheeky 6 month girl (actually 7 months as of yesterday).
Whew has time gone? don't ask me that, but we have our hands and heart full.
Mila has slowly been going onto solids, don't get me wrong, she is still obsessed with the boob, and not in any shape or form ready to be weaned. She also has a slight obsession with the woman who has the boobs. Luca was a fairly easy going boy, Mila on the other hand will not let me out of her sight, even if I'm right by her, and someone else has her (including her Papa') she goes into hysterics. It makes my daily life and tasks, well... different than usual lets just say... Its only been the last couple of weeks she has been getting better with that. she can go about 10 minutes now without seeing me. Progress, right?
She laughs at Luca, claps for her Papa' and smiles her gummy smile (still no sign of teeth) she is a very serious baby though. you have to work hard for her smile if she doesn't know you, and she will study the hell out of just about any situation she sees. It doesn't mean she's mad, or a grump (even though one of her nicknames is grumpy face) it just means she's... dubious. She loves the outside, or being away from home. unlike her brother...
Luca on the other hand as matured SO incredibly much and become such a BIG boy it makes my mamma heart ache. He is such a sweet boy, but needs so much coaxing and guidance for him to try new things and step out of his comfort zone, and I have seen him, so self willingly do so the last month, and I am beyond proud of his achievements and his dedication on becoming less hesitance and putting himself out there. I can see the determination in his eyes, which makes me want to just hug him, and hold him tight (he would absolutely hate that though... he prefers quick kisses over long hugs...) The last month, he totally by himself, learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and put his head under water without flipping the shiit out. He has also "graduated" pre-k and will be a kindergartener in the fall!
His love for his sister has also not changed. All he wants to do is smother her with kisses, and make her laugh. Mila for the most part loves the attention. sometimes the kisses get too much fro her though.
In a month the kids and I will be leaving for the States and will be there till November. Marco will be coming id October and return with us.
We are excited, yes, but I am full of all the emotions, being away from Marco for over 3 months, and is so much easier said than done. Yes he will be busy working abroad, but not having him there for our kids milestones, and not being able to talk when I want (or call him to tel him about Mila's constipation) will be something I have to get used to. Going home to see my family and friends is so needed though.
See you all Stateside and send positive vibes for all mammas (or for that matter Dads too! or grandparents...traveling alone with kids!)

watching the washing machine one of life's delights

fort life

swiss family


he's probably holding a snail... or a bug

before bedtime uno sash

Miles first time on a bike

first of many beach trips

all the time all the places

passed out at a restaurant

passed out baby and a boy and his snails

condo life with neighbours 

Gam visits Venice

my heart hurts fir the love I have for these two

and suddenly she looks so stinking BIG

serious business 

more serious business

and more serious business

luca giving out his birthday cupcakes at school

one who hand

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