Friday, March 30, 2018

Mila Skye (A birth Story)

Our baby girl made her appearance at 3:24 on November 10th 2017.
This will be my second time writing this post, because like an idiot, I got distracted and forgot to save it... therefore... round two here we go!
The day before Mila was born, Luca had a St. Martins day celebration at his school, where we all attended, ate chestnuts and drank hot chocolate. I was feeling great. very pregnant, but great.
My mom had arrived the day before, so I had this feeling that it was time for Mila to come. She waited till her Gam came, and she also let Gam have a day to get over jot lag. Luca came 8 days late, but I felt this time around would be different.
That night, after showers dinner and good night stories I took a nice delicious shot of castor oil. It tastes sort of like a tasteless phlegm. wonderful.
I told my mom and Marco that Mila we coming. I knew something was going to happen. I already had everything lined up. Hospital bag was already in the car (which it had been for the last month:) house was cleaned (sort of) my hair was washed (who gives a sh*t) and i was so not mentally prepared.
Just like clockwork I woke up around 11:45 to pee. But something was off. I felt like I had already peed my paints. WTF.
No my water had broke. Put on 5 pads, woke up Marco and he was out of bed and dressed in literally 5 seconds. I told my mom who was sleeping in Lucas room, and off we went. We arrived at the hospital at midnight. At this point I had no contractions. When we got settles in my room, I started to feel very painless irregular cramps. Nothing to complain about, but it was reassuring though that things were progressing. Its now around 2 am, my awesome really tall nurse Sara was with me and she said that maybe I should take a 45 minute shower to speed things up.
and Man did things speed up, by the time I got out of the shower I was red as a tomato wrinkled as a raisin and in agonising pain. Contractions were about every 2 minutes, and they were killing me I have never screamed so much in my life.
I had no drugs, no epidural, and I was flipping the F*#k out. If baby girl didn't come soon, I was going to loose it. More than I already was. If that was possible.
Tan Marco was white as  chalk. He had never witnessed possessed Sarah. I hadn't either. The only calm person in the room was awesome chill Sara.
Its now 3ish am. Sara told me by my next contraction I would feel the urge to push. Sure enough 3 pushes later our Mila Skye entered this work fully in her amniotic sack. My water had broke on top so she was still in the the water. I didn't really get to witness it because Sara cut it open as soon as Mila came out because she apparently needed to breathe, poor thing!
Babies born in the sack are very rare, I never even knew that could happen. Mila is a lucky one. Sara said she had never seen it before, granted she was younger than me and I was probably her practice patient. All jokes aside though, she was THE BEST, seriously amazing.
Mila was all chub and so scrumptious. Round as a ball and more than 3.5 kilos.
Marco and I fell in love, double chin and all. We are left alone with er for an hour. No one came to disturb us. Just me, Marco, and our beautiful baby girl. It was truly bliss.
Thank you Mila Skye for picking us as your family, you are more than we could have ever dreamed of.
check out my birth story with Luca, very similar, yet completely different.
Heads up for life with a 5 and six month old:)
Happy Easter to all!

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