Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Farewells, Hellos, Adventures, Celebrations, and Emotions

I will be captain obvious and say that much much time has passed since I made my presence here. And as you all my assume much much has happened since my last post.
Now I have to write a novel, but I won't. I will paraphrase, or try to at least, and next time, I won't let a lifetime pass by between each post.
So here goes. I apologize in advance.
Marco Finally comes to Baltimore.  I don't even need to explain our happiness, Luca was off the wall. literally.
Marco, Luca and I leave for a week long road trip to New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Ending in Santa Fe for a fairytale wedding.
We flew in and out of Albuquerque and rented a car for a week.
the trip was amazing, for all three of us, it was needed it was an eye opener, it was perfect.
We come back to Bmore, basically say our goodbyes (dinner with these friends here, dinner with those friends there) and hugs and tears all around.
We arrive back in Italy (side note... Luca and I have been away for almost 4 months...) and settle back in the grove of Italian Life. It's good.
Luca starts preschool after a week. Smooth. He likes it, we all have a good feeling about it. He did though twice want to go, but wanted me to stay. Tears were involved but passed quick by legos and blocks.
He also is doing more than fine with the language. He only speaks english now, but only after a week at school he already is making  HUGE progress.
My next blog, will be an update on Luca and only Luca.
I just turned 30 and its weird.
its good just weird. I mean I'm 30! I remember thinking that 30 was basically 50. Now I realize what a brat I was.
Marco organized a sweet celebration with friends and on my actual birthday took me out on the lagoon to fish and cake.
Im not complaining.
On that note, I give myself a D- on this post and will make it up to you all!

renaissance festival bound. stoked.

this is a terrible photo, but can you please look at Luna, thats her signature pose. she lives for belly rubs. and killing innocent birds.

we probably watched the giraffes for close to an hour

at the hospital feeling like 1 millions bucks. long story but so not worth telling.

feeling like 1 millions bucks leads to emergency appendectomy. and a flawless picture. 

the night Papa' came. after 3.5 months of separation.

testing out his ring bearer setup

afternoon on the porch with many many tomatoes ready for canning 

Italians... New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona bound

very very very windy Petrifies Forest 

this boy and this landscape

Grand Canyon


our many many many restaurant adventures

if they could stay in water. all day. all night. they would

rains market day... back in baltimore 

Grand Canyon

too many restaurants. omg my hair.

they are pretty stinkin cute

required Family Grand Canyon picture

i was leaning with my whole weight. it was intense

hotel room cuddles 

Durango Colorado

Monument Valley, Utah

Santa Fe, NM

with the view at this ranch you would be laughing too

I had to go through so many amazing pictures, these are only a handful 

family picture fail

Just me and my main squeeze

the ever so stunning newly married couple 

smiles after an amazing wedding 

he thought the world needed to see this serious situation 

ta da!

back in Italy and already face first in gelato

sundays on his bike

no caption needed

I was more emotional than he was

he was so excited about his symbol on his locker

beach day with my boys

halloween party at our favourite ludoteca. He was a pumpkin, like last year, and probably for next year too.

a mini ice cream cone, on Mamma's birthday. that face though

not a bad birthday 

lunch at Ikea, I could make that a weekly tradition.

watching men cut trees. If only luca had this to wake up to every day

Luca in underwear out on a lake in PA with my second cousins son.

Ten Fest. He got 2 feet off the ground.

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