Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Luca Narrates

This post is in pictures. Pictures narrated by Luca himself.
Summer is coming to a close, which is obviously bitter sweet, but it also means we can actually start a countdown to when Marco comes!
Summer has been treating us as summer should, and we are so grateful to have been able to savour all that it has given us. Mealtimes out on the deck, sandbox pitstops all day long, water water water, in any way shape or form. Picnics at parks, concerts at parks, playing in parks, running in parks. Catching fireflies, releasing fireflies, listening to cicadas and grasshoppers "growling". Ice-cream devouring, and best of all running around naked outside and inside 99 % of the day. (Luca, not me, even though I was temped many times)
I also had a huge milestone and went away for the first time by myself since Luca was born.
And I seriously could not have dreamt it going better on both our ends. I had a fabulous weekend in NYC with my dear friend celebrating her becoming a bride,  and Luca had a blast back in Baltimore with Gam, Pops, Zia and it happened to be the same weekend that my brother was in town, so three cheers for Zio too!
Marco comes on the 30th, then Luca Marco and I fly out to Albuquerque 3 days later and we have a mini South West road trip, ending for my friends wedding  in Santa Fe.
Then back in Baltimore for a few days, and goodbye America.
I hope Summer has treated everyone as sweet as it could.
Now lets welcome the crisp cooler, and cozy fall!

Luca doing cartwheel. Mamma whats a cartwheel?

me and Emerson and Ada listening to as bedtime book

Luca and Ada and Emerson ready to ride to the park!

Ada and Emerson, now Luca and Zia

Luca hiding under some cushions (making himself comfortable at a cafe... notice he even took off his shoes)

Luca and Claire and Becky, a little cushion and some more books 

luca at the park and now Mamma at the park

Emerson and Luca riding on the horse

Luca jumping through the sprinkler

Luca making an airplane and Luna and steps and even Pops

now Brigit Making a stipe (no idea how he knew it was Brigit) taken on my ladies craft and sushi night...

Luca playing with some dough... lets just pretend (it was cornstarch and water)

luca at the science center playing with water 

Luca in some water... now Mamma move on, I want another one

Now Gam and Pops and Luca and Claire in aunt Claires pool. Where is Zia Mamma?

Luca and Pops at the ocean

luca watching some lawnmowers. (All day everyday, especially considering the house was on a golf course)

Zia and me eating (apparently Pops and Gam are not pictured)

Luca hang upside-down and Carter. Carter's Papa is there. we stepped into the bushes

Carter and Luca running. Now poopoo and Carter

Luca and baby... Mamma, and ummm Porter!

now Porters Mamma holding me. (in Aiken visiting my cousin, his wife and their sweetest baby) 

Zia and me eating Macaroni and cheese (???) Asheville for the day

sitting into a little tiny chair

Luca clearing pops car (right before it was sold, obviously because it was sparkling clean)

Chuck and Luca playing

luca and me, no no, just me playing

luca playing with buttons and Boom

luca playing with something like a puzzle 

luca and Gam going around a tree at the train station. we are going to the fair.

I looking at the tiny tiny tiny tiny little pigs

luca loking at the horses

watching the machines (he even has his ear protectors on)

Luca and Micky puzzle

Fire, Mamma, thats going to be a fire

Luca was at-aunt Claires house

watching some drums

me at the fair!

me on the horses. I  like to go on the ferry go round!

Luca getting a picnic. (labor day)

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