Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Merrily We Go Round

Another year has flown by, so many chapters opened, closed, memories made, and another year to find beauty in this world and make it a better place for EVERYONE. This year is dedicated to spread love and light, its fading and we need to turn it back on.
So many emotions, its hard to stay positive when you fear for your children's future. I am so fortunate  to have a roof over my head an amazing family, food to fill my belly and the feeling of safety. All of which we should never take for granted.
Luca is growing up so fast, he is already so independent, has sleep overs by himself at his Nonni's, goes to school like a champ, and is becoming this little human being that I could not be more proud of. Watching your child grow up is the most satisfying, and tender feeling, yet the whole time your thinking, where the hell did time go.
All any Mamma wants is that their child grows up happy and healthy. And that is what Luca will be. I  will forever be proud of him, as I continue to love the crap out of him and teach and guid him on the path we are walking to happiness, serenity, understanding, positivity, and  last but not least love.
I ask only one thing of you. Walk that same path as well. Life will be sweeter.
another belated birthday dinner 

sweet boy with conjunctivitis... a week after his first day of school

no caption really needed 

train ride smiles

our "American" Thanksgiving"

paining xmas bells to decorate the halls at his school 

DIY ADVENT calendar 

DIY xmas stockings 

I got Luca a kids Bible to read a story every night of December

Lucs cozy corner

my shopping sidekick

snuggles snuggles and more snuggles 

Zigo Zago for the win



you should go see two 3 year olds put on puppet shows. its epic

like an eagle

free help

Marco along with a couple other Dads helped the nuns at Lucas school set up this presepe in the entrance of his school . it took about half a day and it was HUGE

foggy walks on foggy islands 

Luca into being a hair stylist for fuzzy wuzzy

if he could be upside down all the time he would 

I am obsessed with christmas 

and I got Marco into it too

twinsies hunting for monsters 

picnic bbq by boat

and fire of course 

yay for new libraries near our house!

christmas cooking eating, I mean baking 

I don't know if it was a good idea to have qanat come to a preschool 

my butterball

of course he picked the seahorse 

when your living room turns into a fort

xmas eve with nonno

xmas day at Nonnas

buon natale

luca and hair

these three turdballs stayed up until 2 am on new years eve

drunk, happy and lucky. happy new year to everyone 

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