Saturday, July 30, 2016

An American Summer

Summer stateside has officially started. like a month ago. Summer is flying. Thats what happens When you having fun, right?
We miss Marco ridiculously, but can FaceTime with him everyday, which makes things manageable.
We are so thankful for him though and all the work he's doing out at sea.
Luca and I arrived in Baltimore much earlier than expected because of a discounted flight from Venice to Baltimore via Toronto that ended its promotion after the 25th of June, so we jumped on it, and arrived in Baltimore after a very long and bumpy, thanks to turbulence, not Luca flight. Luca on the other hand was, as usual a rockstar flyer. I am not trying to brag, I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, I am just saying how it is. 9 hour flight, plus 2 hour layover, plus another hour, bumpy as hell flight in a 20 passenger airplane with a toddler? no problem. Besides the fact that I don't do turbulence, but when I am scared shitless and feel like I'm going to vom. well, when your a mom you have to pretend you are 100% ok, even in a tin can of a plane, bouncing around for an hour. Luca thought it was hilarious. Dear lord. Never again. Sorry, Air Canada, don't take it personally.
Anyway we have been summer blissin around for a little over a month now. Marco will be coming the end of September to join us at my sweet friends wedding in Santa Fe NM. Luca Marco and I then will leave after the wedding to go back to Italy mid October. (it didn't make sense for Luc and I to go back to Italy the beginning of September, just t leave again after 3 weeks of Luca in school... So luca has an extra month of summer vacation before he starts school. School? no I cannot use that word. its too early, he's to small!
its okay I still have plenty of time to wrap my mind around it, right?
a presto, I'll get you posted soon

every morning. and afternoon

making packets for the back patio cook out

summer evening bliss

two of my main men

if it were not for me, Luca would have been onto of his reading neighbour

notice the pb&j sandwich I have in my hand, after 30 + minutes of trying to shove bites into Lucs mouth I gave up. Welcome to my life. cute pic, na?

pops and Luc

lake time

evening picnic on the gunpowder. that water is liquid ice.

two boys and two ladies

Artscape activities. too bad no one knows whats going on

summer evenings and friends at the cabin

watching the thunderstorm with Gam on the front porch

our meeting spot were we have a picnic lunch with my aunt in PA regularly 

always without pants 

the 4th fun

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. Not

naked snack time

this boy and his play. I could watch him forever, but I try not to be weird about it

beach hammin

catching fireflies. did you know we don't have them in Italy?

if only you knew how long it took us to convince him the tractor had no teeth

blueberries on friends farm

summer evening fun. ya know

with that damn bubble gun. man i regret that purchase, man does he enjoy it though

when its too hot outside to play...

second round at Artscape with Zia

rise and shine, and so not ready for a picture. 

probably watching an ant

making pancakes 

camping entertainment 

fairy homes with Gam. If you went to Waldorf you understand, if not... sorry

Luc can entertain himself by running in a circle for half an hour, while a game is played in from of him

he likes to pretend that he is strong and not afraid that Gam might drop him


my Dad fixing a chair for about the 10th time.

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