Monday, November 23, 2015

These Days of Ours

I hate when I let so much time slip by between each post. I don't even know where to begin and where to end...I have only myself to blame. I win the reward of the girl who gets distracted the most. I swear one minute I'm sewing a hole in a sock, then before I know it I'm suddenly saving a stuffed animal from being flushed down the toilet. By my son. Not me. Im ADD, not insane.
So in my defense, I have tried and even started to post multiple times.  So anyway enough of the  nonsense, I'll begin somewhere.
 Oh These days. Luca and always work well with rhythm. Marco has been away a lot lately, with work and courses for his job, so finding our rhythm is fundamental when its just me and Luca. It keeps us sane and happy.
It is incredible how much Luc is growing. I literally see it every day. I can see the transition of toddler to boyhood.  As sad as that might sound. I love it. He is such a spunky, sensitive, quick as a whip, soul. I have so much fun with him. Marco and I see so much personality spilling out. You can have real conversations with him. He listens, understand, and gives you feedback, whether you want it or not. He still is obsessed with his legos, stuffed animals, cars and his play kitchen. And he has 5 favorite books, which he never gets bored of. He can read it to us. (try reading Jamberry every night…)
Luca is definitely at the age where he makes any dull moment shine. Oh and the tantrums?! So what he does is he throws himself most dramatically on the ground, with huge tears rolling down his cheeks, and sobs, until you have to explain why you said no to wanting his hide and seek place be in the oven.
But thankfully he does really good with explanations. "Sweet boy, ovens are for food to get really hot in, so we can eat it. Do you want to get really hot and be eaten?"
Aaaaaand the moments passed, tears are wiped away and kisses are given. Moving on. How about taking all the toilet paper and throwing it off the balcony?
He is ver present and loves to ask what he's doing. or anyone near him. "cosa fa Luca?" Cosa fai Mamma"? Whats Luca doing? whats mamma doing? He hates any sort of violence, and gets very upset at the playground if he sees a  kid push another kid. he wants to get involved and explain to them that its not okay. Luckily he has never been smacked. And luckily he has never raised a hand foot or teeth. phew. so far so good. biters are not fun.
And potty training?
what is potty training?
Lets leave it at that.
We are so excited to be going back to Baltimore on less than a month, for a whole month. Luca totally gets it this time. airplane, Gam, Pops, Zia, Zio, toy crocodile, trainset, etc, ect. But this time we get to have Papa' with is! double yay!
One of my new years resolutions is to write once a week. Ya know, annoying weekly updates about the nonsense of our silly sweet days. Seriously, how frickin hard can that be?!

Like father like son

his swing and his animals

merry go rounds are not so scary anymore, and actually merry.

but cars are better

2 going on 16

the dreaded 6pm. anyone with a toddler knows what I'm talking about

sometimes I really cant take the cuteness

they know it

potty training… that goes nowhere.

who doesn't like friends and Burano! and a day without wiping a poopy bum!

a pumpkins on the loose. In Italy you go trick or treating, not from house to house, but from store to store...

last year in my 20's? my face says it all.

oh toddler life is rough

this goofball and his legos

evening walks in the park

Luca crashing Camillas fall recital. Hes the banana head in gold.

hes gotten so good at the thing. Especially considering how he started… terrified. go figure. our courageous little bear.

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  1. Precious and delightful. Thank you for sharing, Sarah. :)