Thursday, October 1, 2015

Back to Venice and Being a Lioness

So here we are again, yet another fabulously sweet summer turns into a just as sweet fall homecoming. The plane ride was as great as a plane ride can be. Oh and Luca? It was as if I didn't have him. He played, ate, looked at books, and watched a bit of ipad whatnot. After the first three hours he fell asleep and woke up when we landed. Luca, actually I was the youngest on the plane by a long shot. It was full of elderly couples going to Venice for romantic cruise rides, gelato and pizza. The flight attendants were not much younger. And Grumpy. Dear lord I think it should be mandatory to retire after a certain age… No need to grump on us. No one needs it. Anyway, sorry U.S Airways, just saying...
When we landed in Venice, After a very uneventful 8 hour plane ride, both Luca and I had the jitters from the anticipation of seeing marco. When L Saw Marco, he ran to him and put his head on his shoulders with his skinny little arms wrapped tightly around his neck, well halfway around his neck. His face was priceless though. He was in awe, and could not believe that he could actually touch him. His face was SO serious, and he kept on saying yes Papa', yes Papa'.  Oh I know what you mean little boy, I know…
It is good to be back though, even though spending time back at home with my family and seeing friends is magical, to me "home" is where Marco, and Luca are.
Marco has still been very busy with work and is away days at a time, but Luc and I have it down. We know how its done, and have so much fun picking lint off the carpet and running to the trash can… over and over again. Or requesting to touch the butter with his pointer finger and run away hysterically yelling icky pooooooo!!! oh yes we know how to have fun. Oh and naps are so over rated
on another note. The other day Marco Luca and I went to the park, and Marco had to take a call so he was a bit further away… Anyway this is what went down. I have never, felt so much anger, and the sad thing is it was because of  a three year old.
Luca LOVES to play with older kids, he does whatever they do, and cannot stop smiling and pretends to be all big and mature (even though he still loves pooping in his diaper, yea… real big boy). Anyway at this time of day there were only 2 boys (probably because it was windy and no person in their right mind (in Italy) would take their kid out in windy weather… watch out for those snot bugs!) with their pregnant Mamma's sitting on benches… Anyway Luca of course goes running towards them saying Luca gioca, Luca gioca. Basically asking if he could play with them. So boy 1 looks at him, looks at me, and shoves him to he ground. Ok so my first instinct is the punch the kid in the nose, but i dont. I dont even say anything because Luca wasn't hurt and to tell you the truth was unaware that the kid was trying to be mean… So it gets better. Luca continues to jog along singing or tryin to do what they do on the jungle gym Kid number 2 keeps telling him that he's stupido and to go away. Ok words wont hurt him right? I still keep quiet, and just tell Luca that it wasn't nice to tell people that they are stupid. At this point I try to get Luca into another game at a different part of the park. The boys follow and kid number  1 keeps shoving, and kicking Luca to the ground. Each time I wanted so badly to intervene, but I knew if Luca wasn't hurt, then its not my concern… At this point boy number 1 looks me straight in the eyes and threw gravel at Lucas head. Ok I looked at that little shit and I said,( taking a deep breath ) that that was not nice at all, and that he can throw gravel just not at anyone, and that he probably wouldnt like it if anyone threw stones at his head. He stuck his tongue at me.
Luca still not hurt, goes onto another game of climbing a latter. Boy number run runs to Luca and yanks him down. Luca gets hurt. Where the hell is Marco when I need him?
Who am I to yell at this nightmare of a boy? The best part of it was that Mamma of piece of shit witnessed the whole thing. Not once did she get of here pregnant bum to say anything. Ok let me just make it clear. I am not an overprotective mother, I am not a hawk Mamma either. But seriously? The whole protecting your kid instinct, just got to a whole new level with me. The sad thing is, was that Lucas wasnt even trying to get in their way, and kept on singing and being giggly, until he wasn't ... this kid, was genuinely having fun bullying Luca. And I had to witness it. And thank god Marco got a call from work, because after telling him about shit child, Marco wanted to go back and shred his mother apart. I convinced him that we should go to a cafe instead.
My question is, do I need to grow a back bone, or do I just walk away in situations like this. I mean if I wasn't watching Luca he could have gotten more hurt than he did. What kind of mothers just let their kids beat up on another (even younger ) kid.  And the other mother? I swear, either being pregnant was really messing with her brain or she had some real issues she needed to clean up… I mean does she really want another demon child. She cannot be that oblivious.
Sorry, just a mom rant:) and man I really needed a spritz after that.

my heart

So not successful. Luca does not fall for bribery.

monkey see monkey do
I cannot even begin to tell you how much i melt every time I see that smile. I am basically a puddle all day long. A happy big puddle.

how real Italian housewives make mashed potatoes. Taught by my very own mother in law

These two best friends forever. Camilla's mother and I took a postpartum class together. So basically Camy and Luc go way back:)

oh the rare days he decides to grace me with a thing called taking a nap.

my main men

in his place.

discovering new places in our city where kids can come together and do what they do best.  Mamma and Luc LOVE Ludoteca's.

out about on the boat with friends is heavenly

See, my son is able to get dirty! I have hope! yay for Papa's shaving cream

yet another priceless pic

a way too close up, but a picture of me dirty hair and all, ya know the one having fun behind all the pictures taken. 

"hiding" and pooping. "Mamma, don't look at me! I pooping!" Dear lord, how about the toilet?

in his element. I swear he is a mini Marco

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