Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Sweet Scent of Life (two overdue months of it)

So Here is a peek into such a mess (and I use that word very liberally) of pictures over the holidays. This will mostly be a post of images, and hopefully they will give you an idea of what we have been up to. And these pictures are only a pinch of the real deal, there are oh so many, and oh so many moment I remember with a smile.
Luca has made such progress in speaking and expressing himself. He even talks in english!! It happened so quick it amazed us all.
I will write a post soon about his progress and not progress (ie potty training).
I am now back home in Mestre and will write smaller more frequent posts, about our day to day life.
Ha! get ready,  this might get boring!
But for now I hope you enjoy some images of my dolce vita.
I will be back soon
these pictures are not at all in any order. San Juan poolside and my boys

Vieques after sunset

shade and snack time

my man. the sun.

the man and the water are both very tempting

patio in house number 1 in Esperanza

random picture, random time, but always a sweet memorable moment

I swear, these two and working out.

second apartment in Esperanza

last breakfast in San Juan:(

Pops, Luca and Marco went to Port Discovery. and all three of them loved it.

one of a million plane pictures

my heart. I am so great at getting a shitty quality picture

the house I grew up in. It will always have a special place in my heart

morning "latte"

geroge, er Marco

on top of the fort in San Juan. when we were all the color of mozzarella


just being sharks

It was the perfect most uncomfortable chair

yet another great quality picture. But the tree we are all sitting on is more than 300 hundred years old. so there.

linda, out fierce watchdog

wild horses. everywhere

covered in bug spay and dreaming big


passed out on the hot loud ferry.

cutest tapas place in San Juan

on top of the fort, with my  little soldier

his view, wasnt that bad

even got time to bowl. charm city style that is.

cozy reading with aunt Becky back in Baltimore

we left the day before it hit. and i was so mad. marco was not

esperanza sun set

macaroon buying in Venice

my sous chef

me and my darling guest

christmas carousels

Nonno in front of his work

found the cutest spot hidden not far from our house in Mestre

Christmas Piazza in Mestre

airb&b in Hershey. December 23 and spring waether

those hands

bliss. our Hinderberger Family Christmas, a glimps into a cozy perfect yet very crappy quality picture

these men

does this really need a caption?

and we are off to Puerto Rico!

Zia and Luc in some sort of gate thing. I think

how i would like to wake up everyday

again. No caption needed


kissing in the jungle

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