Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sunny Days of Summer

So much has happened since my last post (obviously… If I posted regularly, we wouldn't have this problem… buuuut) so ill just dive into it!
After we got back from our camping trip with Nonna at the beach, we basically unpacked, did laundry, kissed Marco quickly, and packed again.
We did get a surprise ride by Marco to our family vacation in Luino where we rented out a villa. Unfortunately, Marco drove us there, took a swim,  had a quick beer with the fam (no he did not get drunk) and drove back to Lignano to part for Croatia the next day…
Other than not having Marco on the trip, it was SUCH a great vacation. Having my cousin, her two girls, my aunt, and the rest of my family in the stunning surrounding and atmosphere was so perfect.
Luca did not seem to mind the difference language and would totally listen and agree with whatever his older cousin would say… in swiss german. He now has a total of 3 swiss words. Exactly, cheeky boy, and water wings.
After Luino, we went by train to Switzerland to stay with my aunt for a week for my cousins wedding.
Being in Switzerland is always like coming home. I love the country, its culture, and everything in between, and you live like kings and queens there.
Anyway with that to the side, being with my family was perfect, it was just s nice to soak up every minute with them. watching the little ones play together was so sweet, even though I would see Luc poking Linda out of the corner of my eye, what it all came down to though was those two really were awesome together…
My Cousin, Benno got married on his wifes family ranch, it was such a beautiful country setting. It was so THEM. Simple, yet stunning.
Luca met my cousins (who lives in the french part of Switzerland) kids for the first at the wedding, and he totally leached onto them, and they totally were rockstars and took him under their wings for basically the whole reception. It was a win win situation for all. Half the time I didn't even know where he was, but I knew the worst thing that could happen was maybe falling into horse shit. He would get over it. Maybe…
After Switzerland My sister, Luca and I flew back to Venice where we had just enough time to stuff more crap into my already existing suitcase and take a cruise out on the Benzina (our boat or boatette) with Marco, The Bean and Sophie.
Than it was Baltimore, well Philly, than Baltimore. I don't really have much to tell about the flight and train ride to Baltimore, because fortunately it was a smooth and uneventful ride the whole way… with a toddler, so no good stories, buuuuut who gives a poo, I am NOT complaining. As of now, I come prepared for anything, but I always have a positive attitude when traveling with a toddler. You have to, or you set yourself up for a disaster, and if bumps come in the way, you take them with a smile. HA! no, but seriously im not joking.
So on that note I am soaking family in and cherishing every moment. We cant wait to see Marco in early August though.
Cheers to summer!
Linda and and Luca, two peas in a pod

L, right before we left Italy, at our indoor playground right around the corner from our house. perfetto for rainty days!

our view of Lago Maggiore

No caption really needed

Zia and L running to the pool

big boy… finally got over the fear of water wings

cousins and markets

these pictures or in absolutely no order… with that said… my beautiful cousin and his stunning bride

and there he goes… again

taking advantage of hot swiss days… cause it never happens 

the horse ranch where my cousin and his wife live

cooling of the feet

when your tired...

painting nails and wearing Venetian masks

Pops and little Pops

this is what nights would look like. Never mind me rocking my granny nightgown

double tasking

bbq's at the ranch

Luca and his glare...

night time stories. two feet apart, two different languags

Zia and Zurich

Some of the Hinderberger Family

how we roll, or flaot

stateside, but with Switzerland in our hearts… Celebrating the swiss national day

L and Pops building a mini chalet. duh.

if it weren't for this incredible woman non of these people would be here today


being patient before the wedding ceremony 

luca and his beloved cousins, who cares that they only speak french, it was love at first sight for the Little bean. And I had two babysitters the whole reception. It was amazing.

At Pops and Gams house. with his trains. everyday

Godmamma love

deep conversations with Zia

outside concerts are the best

yet another outdoor concert

so much fun in the woods in PA

playing on a tree trunk. this one really didn't need a caption

man, can this kid throw rocks in water… over and over and over again

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