Friday, July 10, 2015

Sweet Sweaty Summer

I know summer has arrived when I hear the first of many cicadas arrive. This year I heard them right we left for the beach for a week. Ah welcome summer I adore you!
We had such a perfect week at the beach camping with Nonna. I was a bit hesitant with the whole tent situation and Luca, but he LOVED it and slept like angel! hallelujah! The campground we stayed at is not what an average American thinks a campground is. This is Italy we are talking about. There were restaurants, bars, swimming pool, playgrounds, and dance clubs for the minis. And of course the beach. Luca was in heaven, actually we were all in heaven… We just missed Marco, who was away on the yach…. BUUUUUT before you feel sorry for him, he loves his job, sooooo it makes things easier on all of us!
Luca is 2 and the biggest flirt ever. He goes scoping for girls. I kid you not. He will spot one and run over, and totally show off, or he will say, "Mamma che bella bambina"! Am i suppose to worry. Dont get me started with him and trying to dance with all the ladies…
Anyway I guess its all fun and games for now, ill get back to you in 16 years…
We are leaving for a week with my family on lago Maggiore, and than a week in Switzerland for my cousins wedding. Than Sophie Luca and I fly back to Venice for 3 days than off to the US! Oh let the fun begin! and I hope everyone is having a fun filled summer!
morning reads

7pm and still on the beach!

he put himself there… next to the girl. creeper

sleeps in till 9 am, granted he goes to bed at 11...


scoping the situation...

his cars…. always

 do i really need a caption?

Hear me roar!

ridiculously hot day at the market

yet another playground

here Ma, eat some sand

9pm  evening walk on the beach

this boy and his gnocchi

He is always being Nemo, even though he has no idea who Nemo is...

after nap activities


marry go round…. there was no way he was going on it by himself

back at home… water park

he eats about a third of that ice cream

little blue riding hood

gelatin gummies…. the benefits of organic grass fed gelatin are off the charts

pure bliss

I dont know what to say about this one...

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