Monday, June 8, 2015

On Turning Two

Yes our sweet not so little bean has indeed turned two. I have a two year old! That To me seems so old!
We originally wanted to have a garden pot luck party like we did last year, but it called for rain… all day. So Marco and I really quickly had to think of a plan B. A place where 50 give or take people could stay… comfortably, and that was not our house. Marco thought about renting the recreation room at our neighborhood church, so we immediately called the priest and  60 euros later, it was a done deal. It was perfect because its literally right behind our house, granted I had to go back to the house about 10 times, for tape, string, the camera, and cake… oops.
It turned out a great party, so much food (jeez Italians are intense about eating) and at a certain point all the kids could run their sillies out, out in the front (fenced in) courtyard of the church. The highlight of the beans day was probably walking up and down the church steps, throwing stones down a drain pipe, and wiping boogers on his Mamma.
His birthday party wasn't actually on his birthday, the weekend after Marco had to work in Croatia, but he could stay through his real birthday.
On the 28th of May we went out on Nonno Giorgio's yacht, got a fish lunch to eat on the boat, and later even got to shove sand in our ears. When we got home Nonna and Mirco where invited for Marco's oh so famous homemade pizza, and Mamma's not so famous carrot cake. By the time we opened presents Luca was over everything and just wanted to rip the wrapping paper in tiny tiny pieces. I was more excited about the actual presents. In his defense it was 11 two hour past his bedtime. Id say, it was a pretty darn good day.
 Luca and I have been a team for the last month, or so, Marco's season of work has come, so that means a whole lot of Mamma:) Ok beware I am about to have a brag rant here, but Luca is seriously such a chill, yet full of humor little bean. When Marco has to go away it sucks, but I never have to worry about being on my own with him. I mean, we are hardly ever really alone alone. We love to go meet up with other baby friends (Luca now officailly plays with other kids… before he tolerated their appearance, now its legit play, and he loves it) and Mammas. Nonno comes if hes not working and takes him on dates, and if Nonna is in town he has a little one on one with her too.
He usually takes great naps, but sometimes he just is not having it and decides to recite an unknown dialogue in bed that last an hour. I surrender and get him. Those days I dont have a "rest" time, but you know what? He is always such a trooper and hilarious. I swear he may look like a Hinderberger, but he is all Ceccarello inside.
At night he has been waking up a lot… usually he is absolutely DYING for water, but I have noticed he wakes up a lot when the 101 (so not kidding) year old woman who lives by herself (again so not kidding) and in the apartment right below us, goes on her nightly rampage and redesigning her furniture marathon. I swear this woman is WAY too old to be shoving chairs or couches or god knows what all over her house. we also hear the occasional crash and grunting or swearing. at 4 am in the morning it sounds like our floor is paper thin… what the hell does she do every night?!? Two nights ago We all woke up after a very nice snooze, I totally though to myself, wow i slept amazingly maybe old crazy pants died. That morning walking down the stairs I met her son, with an ambulance man in the hall. Crazy pants died that night. Dear lord. I felt terrible. BUUUUUT I will not miss her rampages…
Anyway with that off my chest lets get back to the crazy, sweet little bean. With all this praise...
don't get me wrong, he is a toddler, he is two, and he does have tantrums. With that said though, I can always talk to him at eye level, and we come up with a solution. And if he for some reason bursts out crying and I ask whats wrong, and he responds basically that he has no idea, I again at eye level tell him to kindly stop crying and a good cuddle takes care of everything.
Luca and I cannot wait for a Swiss family vacation and an August month with Gam and Pops.
Before we go "away" Luca I are are going camping at the beach with Nonna and Mirco. I will let you all know how our adventures go. Looking forward to September too, having a family of 3 under one roof is pretty darn sweet as well.
organic gold from our garden

overexcited Mamma

Luc's favorite park… it has water

like father, like son

 no shame

sweet summer

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LB was so excited to imitate Papa'… he decided watching his father was so much safer

Luca and his strawberries

and his spray bottle

it looked so much nicer on pinterest

perks of having a hubby that likes to go fishing

playing with dirt with Mirco and Nonna

wrapping paper is so much more exciting than the actual present

evening bubbles…

on the yacht with Nonno Giorgio

Luca's second cake… carrot

puzzles and circus tents

boys and big machinery 

birthday party present un wrapping

no caption neede

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