Thursday, May 14, 2015


So here I am, a Mamma, a wife, a homemaker, and so much in between. I live in an environment  that I was not raised in, a world foreign to my ear, and sight. It took and is still taking time for me to go with the rhythm, and the speed of this country, to feel less of a "stranger" and more of an "Italian".
But my question is, what is an "Italian".
Someone who eats a lot of pasta? Who adores pizza? Are they loud? Do they love to hug and kiss and wave their arms about? Do they use hand gestures that look like they might me telling you to eff off?
yes. yes that is all so true. But there is so much more truth to all.
I am beyond grateful and blessed to be able to experience the full Italian life. Granted I live in the north,  and apparently there is a HUGE difference between north and south. I wont get started in that, trust me its confusing, I still don't get it.
Anyway Italy has so much to offer, and as much as I would love to move back to the States, living in Europe, truly has it's benefits.
So many people ask me (all the time) where would you rather live? Where is it better to live? I always give the same response. No place is better, just different. I love how in the States, you have so much space, the friendly neighborhoods, the ethnic foods (sorry I had to put that in… Italian food is amazing, but once in a while a nice pod thai…. )
In Italy for example, I use my bike ALL the time, as in, its my car. Marco and I have one car between us. By choice. We live walking distance from everything. Parks, stores, cafes, muddy puddles, dog poop (yes all the incredible joys to a toddler)… and whats so great is that everyone bikes everywhere. I love the atmosphere, the yelling of people who sound like they are pissed as hell, yet really they are just telling a neighbor about how cheap they bought a branzino at the fish market that day.
I could really go into detail about the positive and the negative aspects of both worlds, but I am not writing an essay, I just really truly believe you (well…I) am more happy and content when I see the positive in life.
I feel so fortunate to have an amazing husband who works hard, and is awesome at it too! I have a more than incredible son who lights up any day. A sweet (but little… which is fine… for now) apartment. And I have the most enjoyable, satisfying, gratifying, and challenging job ever. I would never chance it for the world. So basically what I am saying is that I truly could live anywhere (well, I think I might have to define anywhere, but you get what I mean) because I could not be happier with where my life led me now.
My Mom just left after a beautiful 10 days here. Being close to family after not seeing them for some time is beautiful, but at the same time you know the visit ends...
Luca now talks, yes, full sentences, clear, and so on point (sometimes even too much). The problem is he speaks 99.9% Italian. My mother gave me a hard time (not to rant her out or anything) but she did get me thinking. Why? And how? Since I am a stay home mom, I, well, am with Luca a lot. like 99.9% of the days. You get it. So when I am with him I speak english, he understand fully, but responds in Italian. If I tell him to repeat what he says in english I get jibberish or a repeat in Italian. I do admit, when I am in situation, like swim class or at the park, with friends, I speak Italian, cause I do not like to be that "rude biatch that wont even speak our language" plus lets me honest its just so damn easier…
Luca though sometimes while my Mom was here would find himself in a situation where he was not too familiar with. Why the heck does this woman not understand me?!
It sucks I know, but there are other things that suck way more in this world. I am not worried about it, hes not even two yet, and since we are in the States for more than a month each summer, hes gonna have to get his bum in gear and start talking english or else no one will give him what he wants. Hear that Luca! So here's to communication and positivity!

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