Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcoming differences and Obstacles

So many things to welcome. The sweet and the sour.
Example. My son is very particular in, well… Everything. I needs to have things a certain way. If he sees that the washer door is opened, he will stop whatever he is doing and shut it, than proceed to continue whatever is was that he was doing. If there is a piece of paper placed in a spot where papers clearly are not placed. He must put it in its right spot. Teeth brushing must be done in the same spot everyday, goodnights must be said to everyone animal in his room (that takes about 10 minutes), hands can never be dirty. Ever. SO… I sometimes think, WHAT have I created? The answer is unfortunately way to obvious. A little me.
The frustrating thing is  I know I have a really annoying problem, and I have been working on it since i can remember, but when I had Luca I made a promise to myself that He was NOT going to be OCD and I was not going to let my obsessiveness get in the way of him being a child and me being a mom. I go out of my comfort zone, and let me tell you its NOT easy, but I try not to let him see it. I want him to get dirty I want  him to make a mess. I try to make cleaning up a game. Well, I think I am accepting that I have to just welcome Luca for what he is. A little me, and make baby steps each day… Like yesterday I successfully got him to play with chalk. The key is, not to try too hard.
I am also welcoming so many culture differences (nice way of putting it). Just because Italian babies have to have hats on in 70 degrees weather, or have to have warm yogurt (god forbid I forget to take the yogurt out of the fridge 5 hours before his snack time and actually give it to him…COLD)
I have been living in this amazing country long enough to know its culture and its differences from where I am from and what I am used too. I tend to compare things to from what I know, and from my experiences, but why? There is no better, there is no greater. Each person/ country or whatever, has is traditions, hardships or wacky ways, and I love it. I know that I can weave both cultures together and make my own, with what makes sense now.
Again, I am welcoming its differences and say, thank you. This is what makes the world turn. Not judging, not anger, not frustration. Dont get me wrong I have plenty of those feelings too, I am again human, but it makes so much more sense to stop for a second breath and say is it really worth it?  Most of the time its not. Negative feelings are so nice to push away and kick in the bum!
This blog post may make absolutely no sense at all to anyone but myself, and for that I do apologize, maybe this is a little too close of a look in my head (now you know what its like to live in it)
I guess what I'm saying is that you can have your shitty days of course, but do you really have to flip out about little differences or tiny obstacles? I see so many Moms or Dads or whoever, freaking out at or with their kids over something as big as running too fast… At a park. Really?! First world problems at its finest.

I swear hes happy. He's got a stick to touch the mud

Venetian selfies

awesome new park near us. score.

pretending hes totally not sh*t and afraid to touch the hand made play dough

I will forever be in awe and in love with this face

playing with lentils is in LB's safety zone. No messy business and hands to wash. I swear i do not encourage his OCDness

walks with stick. Its a boy thing.
flirting in fancy hotels. Luca not my husband...
Our Little Bean after way too many chocolate eggs and Easter goodies. 

fresh baked cookies and playing in Nonno's garden. Life is sweet

you WILL look at the camera

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