Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I am writing this post as I watch (or pretend not to) my mother in law vacuum the house. Yes you read it right, she is cleaning my house. I am sick, like gross feverish coughy sick, and my house really needs to be vacuumed, that is for my standards, if it doesn't get done every week and half I have a very mild panic attic. It is not normal, it is not pleasant, but I really cannot do anything about it. So long story short yesterday I was basically in my jammies all day in bed. I needed to sleep, but I knew the house needed to be cleaned and the laundry done, but I was literally to weak to get out of bed. Marco had to work so Luca was over at his Nonno's for the day. In the evening, I managed to change the sheets on our bed, because gosh forbid I sleep in sick sheets. Did not fly very well by Marco. he told me if I even try to clean the house today (I had 100% full intention on doing so… very slowly, but surely) he would call a psychiatrist. problem was my mother in law was coming over in the morning to be with Luca, so she had the brilliant idea to clean the house for me! If she could she would make herself at home and cook, iron, clean and wash our bums. As much as I hated saying she could, the house needed to be cleaned. So here I am watching her clean while I try not to bite my fingernails off. Dear lawd WHAT is wring with me. Maybe Marco should call a psychiatrist.
 Sorry for the rant, I'm sure you all really couldn't give a rats behind, about my weird obsessive problems, but deal with it, so am I.
 Anyway on a sweeter note, lets talk about the bean. He repeats EVERYTHING, as in we REALLY have to be careful on what we say, especially potty mouth Marco. Luca now is putting words together and forming sentences too. They go something like this. "Luca vuole this". Or "uh oh, Luca boke it, Mamma fix it pease". Or "Guada, piccolino bug, sooooo cute". Oh bilingual problems, poor boy has no idea two languages are bombarding him at the same time. 
 Luca is an amazing sleeper. Yes thats rights, my son, who for the first year and a half of his life woke up on average 5 times per night, now sleeps a full 12 hours straight!!!!! I have no idea what we did differently, but now for some unknown reason, he LOVES his bed, I mean what isn't to love about a bed full of furry friends, and boogers!
 Oh and we found out that Luca suffers from motion sickness!! I blame my mother. She suffers from it, passed it onto me, and now LB has it. Nothing like a family bond. We recently went to the mountains for a long weekend ski trip and what would have taken 1 and a half hours took close to 3 because the poor boy kept on saying he had mal di pancia, which means a stomach ache. I feel him. I have been there, and done that, mountain car riding sucks big time! It was all good though the trip was great, Nonna came along so Marco and I could ski, it was so frickin good to be back on my board. Marco wasn't bad either, especially for basically never skiing. 
Luca thought it wasn't bad either. But what is up with Italians and cold weather. Its the devil to them, I swear. No windows opened in our 90 degree room! It's okay ill just sleep naked and sweat the whole night.
That was not complaining though. Just to make that clear:)
Happy Tuesday everyone, just because Tuesdays are so under appreciated!

Watching Cars on the ceiling in our room at the ski lodge

tongues out on the Venice lagoon

Such a brave knight. Not

Carnevale in Mestre

We have to stop at every one. Walking 30 feet takes about half an hour

button nose and all

He kissed a minion, and did not like it. Sorry Camilla

mountain top selfies… always required 

dont get me wrong I love being a housewife, I am definitely a freak when it comes to cleaning, but defrosting a freezer? Really? Oh what a hard life.

Yes, Marco is throwing a snowball in our faces. Thats how we roll

couldn't really care less

best friends, animals and spiderman

two boys in their element
he put the couch cushions up there so he could watch the trees being cut. With a lint roller in hand

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