Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Days

My week looks something like this.
  Monday mornings Nonno usually comes over and takes LB to the park or on a walk. I be a housewife (laundry dishes, dusting, picking legos out of the toilet etc) LB sometimes has lunch with Nonno at his house if Marco is around, and he naps there. I give English lessons down the street (I go by bike) to some business men for an hour and a half.
Come home pick up Luca (if hes at Nonnos) do some grocery shopping, and than in the evening we have play group. come home, cook (sometimes Marco even has dinner ready if he comes home early from work!)while Luca takes a bath, eat, play, camomile tea, story time, (which is usually with Papa' while I clean up the kitchen and, bed. the day starts around 9 and ends around.
  Tuesday we do our thing... whatever that might be, park, library, our neighborhood ludoteca (play center) shopping, playing in the yard with his toys, plying with is cars, or playing with his cars again, oh or playing with his cars! We have a calm day. We have lunch together, nap (usually from 2-4) and than my friend comes over with her daughter who is about Luca's age. They play and I give english lessons. cook. bath (luca) eat, play, camomile tea,  story time, and bed.
  Wednesday is more or less a repeat of Mondays. Except no play group.
  Thursdays our hour free day sometimes if we are lucky Marco is even home. We usually do something as family, or if its just me and Luca we do our thing. We might even pop over Nonna's or she might come over our house and we have lunch together. naps, and a new thing Luca likes is watching the bimbi, (which means kids), who are actually high school students play soccer at the field behind our house. I swear He can stay put on his little tricycle for a long time! Much longer than I care to watch high school soccer, so during this time, I usually talk to my elderly neighbors about fabric softener (ew) or Italian politics (ew). bath time, (ok so my son is not constantly dirty, but he LOVES bathtime. I only wash his hair Sundays. Just in case you were really interested.) cook… etc...
  Fridays We go to swim class, go home, play, eat lunch, nap, than Luca and I go to the kids I used to babysit for, before Luca was born and I help with their english homework and Luca plays, usually trying to stick his finger in the poor dogs nostril. I dont understand that child. go home, and Marco usually has dinner ready or I precook! bath,… ok ok you get it.
  Saturdays are another day we dedicate to family and friends. Day trips, lazy days, lunch dates, and sometimes Marco and I go out to dinner, while Nonna comes over, and when we come home Luca is asleep! Imagine that!
Sundays I usually get some laundry done, some cleaning, precooking, ya know, really exciting things, and Marco goes with Luca on a bike ride or takes him to the park or to the bakery to get pastine for desert after lunch, lets just say it's a homey day. Of course not all Sundays, or for that matter any other day is the same… things pop up and we go with the roll.
I want to find a toddler gymnastic class as well, I know L would love it. I know he will survive if I don't sign him up either. Maybe after he turns two. Dear lord the stuff I worry about.
  Every day I say thank you to the life I have, the love around me, and where I am now. Being a mother and having the possibility to be just that is something I have wanted and dreamt about for ages. It is even more magical than I could have ever imagined. With his child innocents, Luca teaches me, tests me, loves me and reminds me to be a better person each day. I do my best to do all that in return.
Marco and I tell each other each day how fortunate we are to have a little bean like Luca. 
At his Nonnina Bella's house. I love this picture. Pure bliss.
Had to post this picture. Luca and his cousin (well Marco's cousins son to be exact) Marco. Yes his name is Marco too. Anyway, Marco (piccolo) is just about 6 months older than Luca. Ha! Should I be worried? 

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