Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kombucha, Kimchi and Italy

I'll be honest, it's been a perfectly sweet summer. Everything that a summer could offer, took full advantage of it all. It was so great to be around my family and friends, it just sucked big time that Marco couldn't be there to enjoy it all with us. But thats just life, well, ours that is. I hate complaining because when it's Marco's off season we get to have him around all the time, even a month in the States for Christmas this year y'all!
Anyway summer was amazing, but reality is, that it does not last forever. Did you know that?! Crazy huh? Luca and I had to slowly say goodbye to swimming in his pool, or bucket, or tupperware, whatever he could get his hands on, goodbye to eating dinners outside on the deck, goodbyes to peaches, watermelon, berries, his beloved cat Luna, his Pop's, Gram, Zia, and everyone else in between. We also had to say goodbye to Kombucha, Kimchi, and Chia Seeds! Going from my mothers   hippyish, natural, Steiner lifestyle to, well, Italy, is always (lets just say) different. Luca's toys that he plays with at my parents house are what my brother, sister and I played with as kids, so pretty much anything edible. Wood. Wool. Maybe not delicious, but nonetheless edible. Luca's toys here on the other hand are either hand me downs from cousins on Marco's side, or gifts from friends and family. You can tell the toys that Gram and Pops gave him because they don't make noise and are not made in China. I'm not complaining, or taking sides, just pointing things out. No sugar at Grams, the more sugar the better with Nonno and Nonna. So You know what I stand in between. No extremes either way. Works for us. A little plastic wont kill him (unless he eats it god forbid) and a lick of ice cream here and there will probably just temporarily make Luca's eyes pop out. Simple things. Sweet things. I like it that way.
So we made it back home, without any meltdowns or drama, just maybe a Little Bean hand in every passengers cup as we make it down the isles… Luckily the flight was full of happy elderly couples on a group trip to Italy for a cruise, so having a sticky hand in their cups was not a first time for many of them. Reminded them of their grandchildren. They were probably just saying that because they felt sorry for the single Mamma with bed head running after the brat. Luca slept maybe 2 hours or the 7 hour flight. Which was during the night btw. LUCKILY he was happy sitting next to me racing his cars up and down my face as I tried too sleep. I slept a total of zero minutes. BUT LB was happy, and that was SO important. For everyone on the plane.
When we arrived Luca was in a sort of shock. He couldn't believe that Marco wasn't just a screen in front of him, he couldn't believe that he was back in his car seat, oh and the toys! He was in utter shock. It didn't matter that he had not slept for nearly 15 hours, having his Papa' and toys that made noise was enough fuel to keep him going for another 4 hours of total bliss.
Than LB and I took a 5 hour nap.
I wont tell you about the next 5 nights though. I am doing you a favor trust me. I would like to forget about them.
BUUUUUUUT (fingers crossed, knock on wood) Luca has been sleeping 11 hours straight in is own bed. Miracles happen folks!
Doing what he does best

Labor Day fun on the river

in his element

In his element again

Chillin at the cabin with dear friends

cousins and serious business


Molly and Coralie live in France, Luca and I live in Italy. We come to the States to get together. Duh.

Papa' and his co captain

Just thought I would throw this in… painted the bathroom. The white just wasn't working.

Helen and Brian's wedding. So sweet and stunning location. I have grown up in MD and never knew places like that were even in the State

Brig and Billy 4 EVA!

checkin the situation out

Bmore represent!

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