Friday, August 22, 2014

How We Roll

This is how we've been rolling these sweet summer days.
First off we had a fabulously fun family vacation down South, and spent a week in Ashville NC where my brother lives and goes to school. First time there and let me tell you, Ashville folk know whats going on. That city is FULL of life, and such diversity. Oh and SO many fantastic restaurants!
The only poo part of the whole vacation deal is the traveling, Luca is the worst car rider ever. So much drama. I mean can't he just breath, take in the sights and, and look out the window. No. He must have CONSTANT entertainment, which sometimes includes me sticking things up my nose. Oh the things we do for our kids. Oh and thank GAWD for iPads and Peppa Pig. He can watch about a third of an episode without complaining (an episode is 10 min) so after about a 3 minutes of Peppa I have to shove something up my nose again. And so on and so forth. For 9 hours.
Soo other than car riding, its pretty smooth sailing, except for your occasional screams of frustration, when he can't get a hold of the cats tail, or get his toy duck to waddle right. Or the nights when he randomly starts screaming only to wake up the whole neighborhood (okay not really) but he really is such a comedian and ladies man. He flirts with any female from the age of 3 to 93. Weirdo.
Our days are filled with playing in the pool, biking to the new (actually old) but just discovered park, biking distance from my parents house) hanging out with family outside (SO taking advantage of having huge outside space), picnics, summer food, Luca gets tagged along on Mamma's dates with girlfriends (yes I am THAT Mom), well anyway pretty much not really worth writing about, but we ARE having a pretty darn sweet summer. We just miss the skipper who is out and about from Greece to Montenegro to Croatia, but we do get lucky and talk to him just about every day (unless they are near some remote island so the wireless is crap. First world problems. So pretty much we can't complain.
walks on the mountains of Ashville

checking out the world from above

LB's obsession with water

Zia and Zio

Summer always needs walks to the ice cream parlor

Captain Justin just taking us out on his boat in Columbia SC

ALWAYS helping Gram. (or throwing dirt on her) He is her shadow

Aaaaaaand than he ate Sh*t. And cried bloody murder

Who has picnics like hobos on the garden of the Biltmore. We do. Duh. haha oops, Sophie I just noticed Luca's hand. Typical.

my button nose bean. Just like Mamma. Sorry LB.

Where there is water, there is Luca naked

Look at the above caption. 


just the perfect hight to get whacked in the face by tall grass

it's a tight table situation

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