Monday, October 27, 2014

Celebrating and Changes

I am so thankful for the memories and moments between Luca and my Grandpa

post about a truly inspiring and incredible man, who left us recently. There really are not enough words and space to acknowledge his love for his family and friends, the earth, and his passion for building. He was a master of all things wood, he could create gorgeous furniture, bowls, and so much more. He was always ready to teach you, and answer any questions about making anything by scratch. He was always a hard worker, patient, and so informed about anything happing in the word. He was a professor a reader, and oh so much more. He lived to the fullest and went peacefully. He is being missed terribly, but I am so honored to have called him my Grandpa, and if I turn out to be half the person he was, I truly would be blessed.
Marco looks okay in mountain gear too, na?

I am missing my Grandpa, but also celebrating his life. And forever telling him thank you for being the incredible man he was. He was a gift to the world.
 We are also celebrating fall, yes fall. It is getting cooler, crispier (can I use that to describe fall?) But I am thankful for this weather, a reminder to thank each day as they come and go. Especially the ones that bring a warm sun, and leave a clear sky. Just fyi the colder and shorter the days get here in Venice, the more grey they get, and wet, and humid. But you know what? I am thankful fir those days too.
We have been lucky though, fall has been perfect, I mean we even went swimming in Croatia a week ago! Granted the next day the temperature dropped 10 degrees, but hey, cra weather?
LB thrives and grows each day, more words, more crumbs, more mess, more laughs, more moments of pure frustration, and of smiles, and of new hairdos! (yes, I cut his hair, it was time, and so many people might want to wallop me. Sorry, I had no more patients for screaming sessions… He wanted dreads! I was/am not ready for them… not yet… maybe when your 18) He now listens, when you talk (lawd knows what goes on in his head) but he truly understand! English and Italian. So many proud Mamma moments.  But when they (whoever they are) say babies grow before your eyes, it is 100% true. Every day he amazes us.
My next post will be more specific on his toddler progressions, but now all I want to say is thank you to  the goodness of this earth. A prayer that there will still be goodness in this earth when little ones become big, hoping I will be a positive teacher to the little ones, to keep the goodness on this earth. And now, wishing you a day of positivity and goodness. 

Water baby

Water boys

In his element

Pooped. Too much mountain air.

A swim on October 19th? Why not?

Hey you! Watchu doin?

Impromptu volley game, after an impromptu bbq

Probably pointing to an imaginary airplane.  For the 100th time. Camilla is so over it

And of course he found the dog poo

He wanted to take it home to Italy

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