Monday, March 31, 2014

My Job and Scented Toilet Paper

So what do I do with  my days? Before Luca was born Marco and I made a mutual decision that my "job" if you want to call it that, would be a full on Mamma and of course wife. I have also had the personality of a "freak". I love doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, baking, basically everything that a good housewife does or is expected to do, to whatever extreme that might be. When I say "freak" I mean an obsessive compulsive human being that actually gets excited about cleaning toilets. I get so much satisfaction when the house is spotless.
There is a HUGE downfall to all this though… first off, when you have a child you have to forget about clean toilets and made beds. You have a baby that comes first. PERIOD. When I had Luca I knew that I wanted to be a mamma and be able to be his "educator" and be with him every step of the way, at least until hes old enough to go to school. I couldn't wait to be able to do things with him and plan activities every day, big or little I wanted to watch him learn and be amazed by his eagerness in the world. I can't wait. Already I am on that path and creating little activities, but making sure he is also able to entertain himself. I love seeing how is little brain works. CONSTANTLY.
So the reason I am writing all this is that I slowly had to find a balance between keeping the house clean and a family fed. And also have fun. I have found that balance. How?
It started obviously when Luca was born. I am so ever thankful and fortunate to have Marco as a husband, who will willingly take on any task (even dishes which he HATES). In the very beginning I had to get used to all this change of roles, and accept that under the beds and tables dust would remain, (men just dont seem to realize that in places that the visible eye does not see, dust actually exist) and glasses would be streaked with olive oil (ok ok I am making Marco to sound like a huge pig, but he really is actually very tidy and clean for a guy:)
 He would go on grocery runs too, bringing back things like scented toilet paper. Really? He said he didn't read it fully. First off, who the hell buys scented toilet paper?! It smells like out house perfume, and sometimes I blow my nose with toilet paper, only to get a surprise of stink in my nose. And is the paper really suppose to make your bum hole smell good? who knows what they put in it to smell like that! Is it just me or is that the dumbest invention (ok one of the dumbest). Just a rant, and sorry to those who have different feelings than me, not judging. And on the brighter note, Marco went grocery shopping right?
  Anyway sheets sometimes would have Luca spit up on it for 2 days! I was really getting good and not freaking out every time there was a Luca bodily fluid on the bed. I just had to/have to keep telling myself Luca comes first and a spotless house does not mean happiness. I still have very high expectations but I'm getting better I swear!
When Luca was around 4 or 5 months old I got a call (through a friend) from the English School of Venice (located biking distance from my house… actually in the backyard where Marco grew up) asking if I wanted to teach english to kids/parents after school hours. I was hesitant because Luca was not weaned yet, and I was so totally unprepared. I said sure, I would give it a go, and I stared immediately. The students were great and the school was fine, I just everytime I left the house I felt this huge guilt. I knew Luca was more than happy to stay for at most 3 hours with his Nonna (and vice versa, lord knows she would move in with us with a drop of a hat) but my heart was so not into what I was doing. I had a chat even with the president of the school and she understood, but basically what it comes down to is that I would love to work there, just not until Luca is in school, and I would go part time. Marco was behind me 100%. So that was my temparary job I had for 2 months, call me crazy but I love every second with my maniac clown of a son, and I would not change it for a second.
first time out on our boat Benzina. Luca is totally serious about it

playgroup is a job

ten month old ham

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