Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Sleep or Not To Sleep, That Should Not Be The Question

Yet another week has gone by, er two weeks, I swear they FLY by. We all have been doing great. Great because Spring has finally arrived here in Venice, and after a winter of complete crap weather of rain, and by rain I mean every day. All winter. So having even a grey foggy cold damp day was a day from paradise,but now? Now its in the 60's sunny and trees and flowers are blooming everywhere! So obviously we are outside all day. I love being outside with the bean, and he loves it too. Duh.
Luca now sleeps in his own room, and thing are going really not that bad on an average he wakes about 3 times… bed at 9 nurse at 12, again at 3 and than another at 6, he sleeps until 7:30 8ish, who knows how long this rhythm will stick, during the day he takes a cat nap from 10 till about 11,   and than another from about 3 to 4… We have been giving him a bottle with camomile tea in it in the evenings after dinner around 8 and he seems to like it, but also enjoys spitting it into his stuffed animal box.
Luca is also ALWAYS on his feet, he is about to take off any minute now. Dear lord. I have to get him a pair of real shoes too. My life worries at the moment.
We have been going out on the boat too (with Luca's Nono Giorgio, aka Marcos older boss) but soon we will be able to go out with Marcos new boat! It has been getting work done on it and at the moment has no motor, but whens its done Ill post pics. Marco is proud.
This week we are putting the bike seat on my bike for Luca so I can get around town, I am so stoked, before Luca I was on the bike everyday. Twice. Now, never, I miss it, and plus getting around town with the stroller is damn slow, AND I can finally go to the market, which is a bit far with the stroller but by bike its great!
Luca and I still go to Mamma baby class every monday, but After the spring we'll close that chapter and I want to sign up for parent child class at the Oriago Steiner School this fall, he'll be old enough that  I wont be the only one having fun:)
More projects I have been working on:
a DIY swing I found on Pinterest. I sewed. Marco drilled. Luca LOVES it only if you push him extremely high (note the pillow I made to go with his curtains and crib bumper, I AM SUCH A NERD)

view from LB's room

bed bumper

always happy with something in his mouth. edible or not

on the Etoile

showing off his plump bum

gotta love spring!
Wishing you all a happy beginning to spring! Catch you soon! A presto

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