Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear Luca

Dear Luca,
My sweet, crazy, cuddle bean, you are ten and a half months old… actually in less than two weeks you will be one month away from being one years old. One year. I cannot tell you enough how much I love you, how much you make me smile, laugh, and amaze me. Every day, every hour, every minute. You make me and Papa' the happiest proudest parents out there (okay among many). You truly are the light of our lives and the ground under our feet.
We could not have wished for anything more glorious than you. Of course being a Mamma I think that everything you do is remarkable, even the slightest fart, but continue the way you're going, you're on the right path to a great adventure. I can't wait to continue marveling over your boogers and smiles, your hairline (sorry bean, you got it from your Papa') your toes (whose are they though?!), your tummy and your non existing eyebrows (hopefully they will fill out sometimes) you can be the one to tell me when you're at the age where it might be inappropriate. I'll stop picking your nose than, I promise.
 I love the way you play with your cars, swing on your swing (the higher the better), get so excited when Papa' chases you (even when you start a coughing fit from overexcitement, play cu'cu' (peakaboo) with EVERYTHING, little or big (like Mamma's gum wrapper). I love the ticking sound you seem to be obsessed on making, the very cheeky smile you make when you are doing something you're not suppose to be doing, (washing the bidet with your toothbrush, or picking out my hair from the shower drain). I love the way you make a car sound when on your bike, the way you pee on Papa' (than laugh about it) in the morning, and the way you listen so intently with your ears and fingers (yes you MUST touch everything that gets 5 inches from your face, touch or taste, preferable both) when we read to you. There is one thing though that you were not a champion at. Sleeping at night. When you were a newborn until about 7 months you woke up on an average about twice, than something switched and you began waking 3, 5, 7, and even 10 times at night. It was NOT FUN LUCA for any of us. We (I) all kept strong, and I would go into your room less and less often, until now, when I have to go into your room on an average of about ONE TIME! In bed by 9, a boob at midnight, than once more sometimes around 6, than you are ready for the day around 8:30. Thank you Little Bean for working with me.
 Your almost walking now, which makes me excited and sad at the same time. Time really is flying, which reminds me once again to savor every. Single. Minute.
I love you more than the stars in the sky, and the sand on the ground, Papa' and I cannot wait to continue our lives with you as our Little Bean.
Playing in the garden with his stick. I dare you to take it away from him. And those curls, dear lord I die each time I see them

hamming it up in Malamoco

His favorite spot in the house. The bidet.

Another favorite. Riding on bikes.

Like father like son. Visiting friends at the beach.

pooped after play group. Of course with phone charger in hand.

favorite toy. Socks.

Tearing the streets up on his bike.

washers are the best

catching rays on the balcony before breakfast… with an old remote
park walks on paps

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