Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Things

So yet another month has flown by, literally, or maybe it was just because February has so few days, anyways everything is coming along. Which means, little bean is growing away, and I think it has Marcos ADD. He seems to not like staying still, that or w ehave a dancer on our hands, which would NOT be a Ceccarello gene:)
I am also officially in my last trimester, and we are SO rediculously curious and excited to meet this little guy, we havn't even met him, yet we are already in love. Heres mama, and the Dancing Bean!

The other day in the car Marco and I were talking, and I said that baby loves to move around a lot and nudge me, but he is always so gentle, and I even used the word painsy, which of course Marco didnt know what it ment so I had to explain it, he didnt like that at all, and turns out neither is baby Bean, from that day on he has been literally punching my insides, so much for painsy, we have a little Rocky on our hands!

So far I have gained 15lbs, I am now 125! I sort of forgot the whole weighing yourself during pregnacy thing (because our scale was broken) and I was being weighed only at my doctor appts, so now I try to do it weekly, but seriously who gives a poo, I mean I feel great and apparently so does Bean, and so far he hasnt been complaining about what I eat… but so many people have been asking me 3 things… have we got a name yet (no) it changes from Bean to Cicio, to Him, to the little fart, sweet baby cakes, and so on, you get the point, Marco and I seem to forget taht we actually have to name our baby at one point in time, something that wont be mocked by society:) we got time, right? And when we do find the name it will be awesome! The next question taht people ask all the time is how much weight I have gained. Nosey Italians!

Marco and I have been taking advantage to the warm weather lately and have been outside all the time, taking walks and breathing the springish air… and city pollution. The other weekend we went up to the mountains in Cortina with friends, aw there, the air was crisp and perfect.

Here are some finished house projects that we have done, and of course my dumb tail forgot to take BEFORE shots so these pics really don't say much to you all, but anyway we are happy with the results, now we are painting the nursery and I alreday have a floor plane for the interior design, SO stoked:) this time I will take Before pics… but we are not at the point yet, Soon to come:)
living room

living room 
finished (other side) of kitchen

we had just two shelves here, that held absolutely nothing

I have been also baking and cooking oh so much, because I think about food 90% of the time, and the rest of the time I think about designing the nursery. Get a life, right:) heres what I usually eat for lunch, it varies from whats in the fridge at the time, but wraps are so easy and yummy, and I hate cooking for 1 (sorry Bean ), dinner is when I heat the stove:)
todays was carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tuna, and homemade yogurt sauce
Oh and heres to the last snow! (hopefully) Taken a couple weeks ago from our living room window Im ready for birds, flowers, and no more winter coats (which my fat belly cant fit in anymore anyway)
So Ciao for now (Bean just kicked me in the bladder) and hopefully it wont be a month till the next entry… I'm sure there will be things to write about… maybe harmfully boring, buuuuuut:)

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