Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are we there yet?

HELLO, long time no write, I know I'm a horrible blogger, but to tell you the truth, my life has been pretty uneventful, I mean don't get me wrong I have been enjoying life, but there hasnt been much to write, I mean bore you with… SO my pregnancy is going, and has been going fantastic, really I havn't complained yet (besides those vominous, is that a word, first three months) I have though, just entered into that stage, where I am very much ready for our little guy to make his grand appearance. We have also found a name! Drum roooooolll… no sorry not going to tell, jsut going to have to bare with us and wait:) Its a name, and we like it.  I am feeling VERY heavy no I mean VERY heavy, I feel like a mix between a very overweight duck, and an obese mouse. Hmmm. I have gained to this day 11 kilos, you do the math, and have a baby with a big head, lord knows what that means! uhg! So this morning we "opened" my cartella (which means my pregnacy chart, I guess) at the hospital where I will be gving birth, which is walking distance away, so if Marco happens to be away, ill just waddle my bum there! Ha, yea right, as if my mother in law would ever let that happen! I am all ready for when lil chubs wants to join us… I have made it VERY clear to just about the whole world, even to people that really couldnt give a sh*t, that I am going to be giving a natural birth, I swear for me there is no other way, I hope to God there will be no emergency funny business, I have already had a serious conversation (in both languages in case he didnt undertand me) with the booger, that he too does not want anything else but a natural birth, so therefore he better cooperate, we will ALL be much happier in the end. Marco totally has my back (which I am a bit surprised) and he said that he will be my epidural, whatever the hell that means, but whatever, Im just glad he'll be by my side the whole time (that I have no doubts, ya know overprotective Italian men, gotta love em:)
I have been doing all, I mean ALL that hippy natural prepartion stuff they tell you will help with the birth and milk supply. Like for example I have been taking this nasty tea, that tastes like rotten indian food (Marcos convinced that the tea is actually to abort the child, god what a terrible sence of humor) but I have quit that, because also I think baby hates it he tends to kick me very hard whenver I drink it… I have also been taking Arnica, and almond milk (no idea what thats for, but at least it tastes decent) flaxseed oil, oh and the list goes on, I'm probably doing too much but f*ck it i just want to be prepared, I NEED to be prepared… I WILL be prepared.
So anyway baby "hmmm" is constatly have a kickboxing jam inside of me which makes just about EVERYTHING very, well, diferent. Sleeping is out of the question, cause I get up about 20 times to pee, but ya know what, I need to get in that mind set of getting up all the time right? Oh now he has the hiccups, another favorite pastime of his, especially when we are doing the relaxation techniques in yoga class, which makes relaxing kind of funny when my stomach keeps popping up and down.
oh yes yoga class. SO fricken fuunnn I love being in a room full of pregnant woman, things never get boring, especially because they are Italian as well, and if you didnt know, Italy and its people are NEVER boring. There is much drama and emotions, but in a very animated funny way, like how one woman comes in ranting that her husband wont have sex with her because he is afraid of "poking" the babies head. I swear.
On that note onto the nursery, which I have before and after pics, oh yeah! And sorry in advance for the crappy quality pictures it was all taken from my macbook, I have no idea how to use Marcos Cannon… bare with me, Ill learn when booger comes. Cheers, and my next post will probably be with baby whos name is not reaveled yet!
a before shot

a during shot

an I have no idea shot

another boring before shot… you get the picture

Marcos mother spent many oh many happy hours on these curtains

the lil bed where baby will be sleeping in our room, when hes still a baby bean

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