Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coming Along

So much has been happening, and has happened in these last, what 2 months?! Well I am now officially 6 and a half months pregnant, it is beyond insane how time flies! I am feeling absolutely fantastic, baby boy Ceccarello is growing and is a fist pumper!
Marco and I had a perfecy holiday back in Baltimore with my family and in Florida to catch some rays, but now we are back to reality and to life at home. Its good though:) I started up part time nannying again, and I will probably work until about the beginning of May when my mom comes… I have been doing a lot pf fun projects for our baby and house things, next is defintely the nursery, which I am FULL of ideas, which I will keep posted. Our kitchen is in the process of getting new cabinets, which of course I am thrilled about, more space is always nice, living in an apartment.
I sewed 4 chair covers for the kitchen table

Here are things that I have been doing around here…

(Front) Knitted and patchwork a blanket for our baby boy, far from perfect, but I heard newborns are not perfectionist:)

(back of blanket)

I also have been washing baby cloths and putting them away in his dresser (that at the moment all the crao that was in it before is now on the couch of his to be room, we are getting a new furniture for the living room to transfer crap into:) I was and am so thankful for all the baby things that we got from the baby shower my sister and friend Meredith had for me!
Next project I have is making some diaper covers. Oh the simple things that make me happy:)
Now its time to eat, Marco just finished with the pizza!
A presto

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