Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Final Countdown

Since we truly have arrived at the single digits of days, (4 more days till the due date) soon going to be a family of four, here is a glimpse of what we have been up to the last month or so.
We have been pretty low key, especially the fact that I have been SO low in energy, but thank goooooooodness Luca is mister easy peasy and Marco has been my true anchor, and helping hand with school runs, grocery emergencies, putting on my shoes, pants... Momma's you know how it is!
We are of course beyond excited and curious to see our snuggle muffin. The anticipation is a killer! Even Luca wakes up every morning and asks about baby. Man oh man what will he be like as an older brother? I have an idea, now we just have to wait to see.
My heart is bursting already though.

Luca of course scared to touch...

alligators in mountains. So you gotta take a picture.

my two captions


8 month baby bump
can't wait to eat the pizza

no caption needed

and soon to be four

when you can't have picnics outside...

this boy and fish risotto 

 fish are the only animal he will touch.

9 month baby bump

tractor feeding fish. So you gotta watch

what does he draw? fish. duh. or monsters.
Halloween in Italy 

two gecko bums

not gonna touch it Mamma

who needs entertainment when you have buttons 

bump and boy

mid jump 

chestnut picking with Nonna
Luca is a pro at pre kindergarten. took him some time, but Luca takes his time.

I think i might have been still jet lagged.

the bread baker

the fisher and the griller

why is watching shit be sucked out of the ground so fascinating?


what you do on your 31st birthday. bask in the sun on a yacht.

going out to my birthday lunch with this bunch
Luca and his fish. two of which have already died.

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