Friday, July 14, 2017


Apparently 16 weeks have gone by since my last post. Those 16 weeks have not flown by, and I certainly have an excuse for my silence...
Starting from March, I was in bed or on the couch, till around the beginning of June. Not because I suddenly became lazy, but because I was nauseous. No I did not have a three month long fling with the flu, but I was actually doing something that yes, felt awful, but also was a wish come true. Not the throwing up, but knowing I was going to be a Mamma for a second time. Baby Ceccarello number two will be joining our family in November! 
 So much has been going on during the last time I posted, and it would literally take me a week to write it all, and I don't want to bore you to death. So, get ready for pictures being thrown at you!
Here is a glimpse of what has been going on... This is the dolce vita, so I have not documented every agonising detail.
Oh and we (Luca and I) like every summer are now in Baltimore at my parents house while Marco is working over seas and at sea. 
Posts will be more frequent:) Enjoy

Luca and Marco taking a break during an evening walk... before my nausea..I guess every picture does not a description, right?

Lucy and his cousin during a town festival

the kite runner

longer evenings call for bedtime stories on the balcony

out about the the boat

you can't tell here... or you can, but I'm feeling like crappo

ma boys

there were about 50 different birthday parties we went to, during a one month period. one of which was Lucas.

Luca on his first class trop to the zoo. Marco went along. Luca could have cared less.

Lucas turn to shine

a ham and his great aunts 

Lucas party at school. with his beloved teacher by his side.

mini Marco

how we be cool,keep cool and stay cool

beach life

on vacation with Nonna and Mamma at the beach

camping with Nonna and Mamma 

Marco would come when he wasnt working

rough life

cousins and hot evenings 

bored bean, unimpressed by the street food festival 

this was me right after I found out we were having a...wait till November and find out!

birthday party number... I have lost count

cooling his bum 

how is this boy of mine going to be in pre-K next year?!

By popular demand... attempting at a dinosaur cake. And I can confidently say we failed... it ended up looking like a kitten dressed in drag. Luca loved it, so who gives a shhiiiiz!

at Gam and Pops decorating his wings

always in action

those perfect summer evenings

cousins and tea, err water parties 

Luca and Emerson, the cutest little duo

my belly is weighing me dowwwwn

summer bliss and family in the country

family potlucks 

mini version of fireworks on the fourth of July, luckily Luca had nothing to compare it too, and was beyond impressed 

can you tell he has limited screen time? 

polishing up his new big boy bike with pops

french toast for brekky

Asterix in the nude.

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