Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wrong or Right?

I left off last time, right before we left for CH for a week. And such a perfect week it was. Being with family is always comfort and bliss. Seeing Luca smile in continuation with his cousins and Zia, and the rest of my amazing family was the cherry on top. Easter was heaven, but with a missing puzzle piece.
Springtime in our house means two things. Happiness, but also adjustingment. Happy that flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, longer days and less clothes! But also adjusting to less Papa'. Marco, as you all know has a job which require months of less work, and months of more, and two months actually away.
Having him all to us in the winter we take for granted, because as soon as spring comes, he has to travel and is gone 3, 4, or 5 days at a time. And it definitely is hard. But we all make it work. Marco works his bum off and his 100% dedicated to his job, which fortunately he loves. So having him away, i know he's working hard, but i also know he's happy to be doing what he loves.
I don't want to get into major detail about everything, but we all are all adjusting and are putting into rhythm our spring to summer days.
This summer as usual, while Marco is out at sea, Luca and I will be going back to my parents for a month and a half, and that too is our happy place. win win situation.
After summer comes September, and September this year as a whole new meaning. Preschool.
And my question was. What exactly is Preschool, and why should a child go.
I was always sort of "against" putting Luca in preschool or "scuola Materna" as they call it here.
It is not mandatory here, but 99% of kids 3 an older go.
Preschool here, as I have learned is a place where kids go and have fun. It is not a "learning institution" or a place where they must go and do what they are told to. Yes, there are rules, but we picked a private school near our house where we saw the peaceful environment of kids at play. playing and thats it. Projects are made, but no child is obligated to participate. Luca will be going part time. I will see how it goes. I will pick him up at lunch time so he can eat at home. We can walk there, its close.
I have been back and forth, deciding if he should go and where he would go has not been easy for either me or Marco. But i think we made the best decision. Luca LOVES playing with other kids, but is very sensitive, and gets his feelings hurt easily. It hurts me when I see that his feelings have been damaged, but I think a play environment with other kids and a "teacher" other than myself will be good for him.
If we see he does not like it, and does not want to go. for me it means he is not ready for that sort of change of environment. Maybe he will be too little. But what it comes down too, he will not be forced to go. It won't be right, for him.
This whole time I am thinking of him, but what it comes down too is me. Am I ready for this change? will "preschool" change him? to me, as his Mamma, he is a perfect, a boy that has brought, nothing but joy to my world. I still can't handle a day without him, the more time I spend with him, the more I learn about him, and the more he teaches me to be a better person.
But every so often I ask myself is this a wrong choice? Or is this the right choice. what it comes down to... Is your child happy? Is your child thriving? is your child curious? Creative?
well then, heres to seeing how scuola materna and Luca get along?
On another side not, Luca and i will be going to the States on wednesday for two weeks for a friends wedding.
Onto more adventures!

learning to actually jump. Trust me, its a big step

walking to go see the animals at the park, on this cold swiss spring day

easter prep

reading time before bed in swiss german

tofu chopping king

back in VE in his happy place

so these cuties (not Luc) are two of the kids l I au paired for in Australia 10 years ago. Such a sweet visit in Venice with my Australian family

Luca and his magnetic board

this was actually taken on Fathers day in Italy a couple weeks ago. it was a perfect spring day on the shore.

back in CH at the easter market

on my cousin and his wife's horse farm

just testing out the moss with Zia

these two and their shenanigans

Linda and Luca

brave. so brave

we went to this children's museum in Aarau. SO much to see. Luca was only interested in this small fish tank. Thats the only thing he talked about for days 

waiting patiently to hold a live chick

he was the sweetest. it was he sweetest. oh my heart.

at home. just adding spice to our house

springtime in Aarau

cuties in a bike hanger

looking at nothing, but convinced it was something

brown eyed beauties

dirt is good

who this boy likes "helping"

Oh, the praise he gets for belong me so. I love it. he loves it.

studs on a beach 

after their evening workout. which i should probably participate in as well, but i have food in my mind, so cooking wins over workout. amen.

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