Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Luca's 13 Month Update and Summer has Officially Started

So the bittersweet summer has officially started in the Ceccarello household. Don't get my wrong I adore summer, everything about it (besides the mosquitos) and the anticipation that LB and I will soon (two more weeks kiddos!) be in the States with my family and friends. But Summer in this family also means Marco is across the Adriatic. Or working from 7am to 7pm. Basically it is a huge treat to have him at home. I am not complaining. first off, Marco loves his job,  and is damn good at it too, but works his bum off as well. He is fortunate though to work for splendid people, and has the advantage of having very mild winters (his off season). As you all know he is a skipper aka a motor yacht captain, a unique but fascinating job. That is why, my dear friends that it is a bit bitter. Before Luca was born I could go with Marco when he was away for long periods, but now that Luca is here, well lets just say, Luca doesn't sit still for more than half a second. Imagine him living on a boat. He would be in 7th heaven, but Mamma would be in hell. I will be going to the States to stay with my family for two month, yes two month. Two month because a dear friend of mine is getting married in the middle of September and I am part of the wedding. It will be hard for both Marco and I, but we will both be in situations where we are very well distracted:)
So on a different topic, lets talk about the Bean for a change:)
He has now officially entered into his 13th month (whaaaaaaaat?) and is thriving more than ever ( or is it just because I am his mother) It is so incredible how much he understands. I can tell him to go get his shoes because we are going byebye and he runs to get them. You can say the same sentence in Italian and he understands just the same. When I say its bathtime he runs into the bathroom and tries to attempt to take off his clothes than gets frustrated because he cannot. (omg EVERY NIGHT he is too cute) When I call him to tell him dinner is ready he runs to the kitchen saying "numnumnum". He is a fireball and a curious monkey, oh and a young Evil Kenevil. I swear you that boy does not know danger. Actual he does, he goes for it! I don't know if it's a boy thing or just a Little Bean thing. He also adores his Nonna and Nonno, and cars, oh and of course water!
From a Mamma's point of view it is so incredible watching him everyday, learning, and interacting with others and objects, he seriously makes progress everyday and it makes my heart literally burst with pride and joy. 
Luca, Luca's Nonna and I went to Switzerland for 10 days to visit my aunt and cousins and her kids, Madita and little not even two months old Linda. I swear that baby NEVER cries and is the most content little girl  have ever met. OH so different than what Luca was!
We had a truly wonderful time on vacation with them. I am so grateful to have family so close to Italy. My mother in law also had a great time, and she was so helpful, especially when our flight was cancelled and we had to venture back to my aunts and redo everything the next day, BUT you know what as much as it sucked, I was and am so grateful that nothing worse happened and I was not alone:)
Oh dear lawd I can't WAIT to travel with the bean in a week! Wish us luck!!!

rabbit lovin

Right before it started pouring. Oh Switzerland how I love you

buggy rides

After Dinner chats

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