Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teething and Sitting and Fun Oh MY!

Here I am again, No it is not Monday like I said, but somehow every monday I'm busy or in a different country. So last Mamma Monday my dear college roomie Hannah from UVM came from South Africa to stay with us for a short week, it was fabulous to have her here, quick but sweet. Luca decided to bud his first tooth while she was there. 4 and a half month. Whaaaaat, right? Well quickly after that he budded (do you eve say that) his second tooth. He has not (knock on wood) had any symptoms though of teething. He still is an awesome sleeper (double knock on wood) and is lets say almost always a very pleasant baby…
 Right before we left for Croatia about two weeks ago,  randomly put his fat bum on the bed and he sat like that, all proud of himself for a LONG time. Eventually I pushed him (he was on the bed) and he fell, and got very pissed (rightly so I guess, but lawd does that boy have an attitude). Now he is smarter than me and figured out that by putting his and down it stops him from falling. Now by 5 months (yesterday was his 5 month mark) he is totally rocking sitting up on his own. He loves toys and grabbing crap from people. If you take it away he gives you a mouthfull. Thank god he cant talk, or else I'd be terrified of what he would be saying.
We just got back visiting our friends in Mali Losijn, it was a perfect week long vacation, the weather was warm and the company was perfect. Croatia is truly a beautiful country. Luca got a lot of rays of vitamin D and we found out he is terrified of bathtubs (we forgot to bring his own that he LOVES) and little girls. By little girls I mean baby girls, ones that shriek. It happened more than once that he looks at the cute little shrieky Croatian baby and bursts into tears. Not only do I have a boy with an attitude, but a total wimp. Ha I can't wait for these next couple of years. But god do I love him. He is a ball of sunshine and he NEVER fails to make me laugh. I mean who wakes up from sleeping with a huge smile on his face. such a freak. and I'm in love with him. So is Marco. We can't get enough of him. I'm sure all parents say that. 
Next week I will post about his first "solid" foods!!
the fam in Croatia

laughs on Nonna

I want a chocolate bar, and my Mamma shoves this in my hand

LB looks like a pinhead compared to Mattia

I. Want. To. Shove. It. In. My. Mouth.

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