Monday, August 19, 2013

keeping up with Life

Hello! So I feel like I am always apologizing for not posting, so I am not going to anymore because starting from when I get back to Italy I want to TRY to post every week. Posting everything month makes it very difficult to write all thats been happening. We're going to try something new…
Lets try to make this short but sweet:)
On June 11, my mom (Luca's Nana) Luca and I  traveled to the states together, through Paris, arriving in Philly, then a car ride to Baltimore. Luca was amazing, and no I am not justing saying that because I am his mother. He is a born traveler, which is amaaazing because so far while in the states we have traveled multiple times to Pennsylvania to visit family, then to Vermont for a wedding, and now we are in Jackson Wyoming visiting my Zio Elias, and hopefully buffalo, Elk, grizzlies (maybe not too close) and moose! We also flew into Salt Lake City (weird city, but REALLY clean, seriously we almost pitched a picnic on a parking garage floor) and then rented a car and went on to Idaho and now Wyoming.

Luca is growing each day (duh) what I mean is he is becoming more "human" and by that I mean, creating new little habits, like his newest coolest most talented habit is blowing spit bubbles. He loves farting, sneezing ( no I am not kidding he actually smiles each time he does either of them, besides when he made himself cry when he farted too loud, yes I have a little wimp on my hands) smashing his hands in his mouth, punching his face, sleeping next to mamma, (another blog I'll save that for another blog post) mamma's left boob, shaking him (no I am not an abusive parent) which makes him shriek with laughter (so damn cute), staring at trees, oh and kicking and scratching really hard. Will Marco kill me (probably not because he doesnt read my blog. ever.) that 98% (well besides the kicking, punching and scratching part, he grew out of that thankfully)of what Luca does he takes after his dad?

What Luca hates:sleeping on his back, a car that is not moving, cold (ANYTHING that is cold) pacifiers (another blog post), being held like a baby (he does not like to be cradled) having mamma take showers (the little brat made me cut ALL, well almost all my hair off, I guess it was inevitable, ya know   I am a mom now, no time for washing hair right?) disposable diapers (actually he couldnt care less, I hate them, cloth diapers NEVER leak, and you never have poo disasters, cloth diapering is also another blog post subject… ohhhhh goody aren't you getting excited?)
So many people ask me who he looks more like. I say, he looks like a baby. I have no idea, I don't see anyone but Luca, sometimes I even forget he's my son, just a baby that I am with 24/7 and infatuated with. He has dark eyes (the color is a mix of about all colors imaginable) was born with black hair (now he has this ridiculous monk hairstyle (never will be cool, sorry Luca) but now its getting so blond, he definitely has mediterranean skin though. oh the wonders of what he will look like. We'll keep him either way:)
It will be a bittersweet goodbye to Nana and Grandpa, Zio, and Zia and of course all his aunties, but we cant wait to see Papa`/ Marco. He will not believe how much little bean has grown, skyping does no justice!
Heres all for now, but I promise I will keep up with annoying baby blogs:)

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